Welcome to our GrokNation FAQ!

faq-pixabayWhat is GrokNation about? How can I be a part of it?

GrokNation is a communal space where we can read, discuss, explore, learn and truly understand the issues that shape our modern lives: from the social impact of pop culture to the importance of human connection, from causes that help to heal communities large and small to the challenges of raising the next generation of activists. Smart and passionate, with a quirky sense of humor and an unapologetic nerdiness, GrokNation is a place for people of all ages and backgrounds – this means you! – to spend time thinking deeply about things that matter, trying to “grok” them.

This community is founded by actress and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik – this means you’ll hear from her a lot, but we’ll also hear from a host of interesting people who are aligned in their desire to inspire, motivate and help grow an audience of intelligent and thoughtful Grokites. Some guest posts have featured politics, dealing with mental illness, feminism, having a geek husband, sexual violence on campus, body image, human trafficking, faith and cancer, and platelet donation.

Got topics you’d love to learn or talk about? Let us know via our contact form, or ping us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram). We can’t promise we’ll respond to every message we receive, but we do want to know what you want to read. (Please note: Mayim does not read emails sent to this email address or to the GrokNation social media accounts – those accounts are monitored only by editorial staff, and we cannot forward your messages to her.)

What does “grok” mean, anyway?

Grok is one of those words that people who are fans of classic sci-fi probably know, and we understand that many in the tech/startup community are using it, too: originally, it’s from a 1960s sci-fi novel called Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein, and refers to one character’s attempt to learn about the world around him by “grokking,” drinking in an idea until it becomes part of him from the inside out.

With all of our content, we try to make sure that there’s an additional layer beyond the content itself: an opportunity for all of you to dig deeper into contemporary issues and a challenge to us all to see the world as it is and as it can be, if we work to understand each other more and to make things better. We hope that GrokNation readers – or Grokites, as you’ve taken to calling yourselves 🙂 – will continue to apply that approach to the conversations that we have here.

How can I participate in GrokNation conversations?

Right now, GrokNation commenting is only available through Facebook. We are looking into other options and we’ll let you know about any changes. Until then, we encourage you to keep reading and commenting on articles, share our content with your friends, and “grokback” at us to let us know if our content has provoked interesting conversations! Share these stories with us via our contact form (Please note: Mayim does not read emails sent to this email address or to the GrokNation Facebook account – those accounts are monitored only by editorial staff and we cannot forward your messages to her.)

Mayim and GrokNation would love my book, webseries, script, product, organization or crowdfunding project. Will you promote it or fund it for me?

We wish we could help, but we cannot promote people’s projects or fundraising efforts. We appreciate your patience, and your understanding about this. But we are thrilled you’re involved in so much great and creative stuff, designed to make a difference in the world. (Seriously, we are.) And if you have writing experience and are interested in introducing your projects to the rest of the audience through a post, see submission guidelines above.

I’m a huge fan of Mayim’s and want to send her some fan mail, have her speak at my event, or interview her for an article. Where should I send my inquiry?

Press inquiries and interview requests can be forwarded to her publicist, Heather Weiss at Much and House PR (hweiss@e2wcollective.com). However, as you can imagine, Mayim’s schedule is packed, so unfortunately she will not be able to accept most invitations. But rest assured, she appreciates all of you who are doing important work in the world. Thanks for understanding.

I love Mayim and would love an autographed photo!

Mayim appreciates the love and support of all her fans! But here at GN Headquarters, we don’t give away photos. However, when we have merch available, we do run special promotions – sometimes with an autographed photo as a bonus gift with purchase. So stay tuned to our GrokNation social media accounts and make sure you’re signed up for our occasional newsletters and post updates, so you’ll know when special promotions begin!

You mentioned newsletters and post updates? How do I sign up?

Newsletter signup is at the very top right and at the very bottom right of our GrokNation.com pages – we send newsletters every once in a while, mostly to update you on special sales promos for GrokNation merchandise. To be updated every time we publish a new post on GrokNation.com, go to the right-hand column on the site, scroll toward the bottom for “Notifications” and sign up there! In both cases, you’ll have to verify your signup.

I love The Big Bang Theory! Can you get me tickets to the show, or send a message to another cast member for me?

While we’re thrilled you love TBBT, GrokNation is not a TBBT fan site. We do not arrange for tickets to tapings and cannot send messages to the cast (even Mayim!) and crew on your behalf. We know that tickets are hard to get, but we suggest you try Audiences Unlimited for tickets.

I have more questions you didn’t answer! Where can I send my questions?

You can always send questions and feedback to the editorial team via our contact form.  Because of high volume, we will not be able to respond to most emails, but we thank you so much for being a part of this community and look forward to grokking with you! (Please note: Mayim does not read emails sent to this email address – this account is monitored only by editorial staff, and we cannot forward your messages to her.)

[updated March 1, 2017]