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Grok Women

Life Has Improved for Women, Ninety-somethings Remind Us

2 weeks ago

Katherine Blood Hoffman could have become a doctor. But when Duke Medical School admitted her in the 1930s she refused to sign a promise not to marry while in school—a requirement that didn’t apply to male students. Hoffman, now 102,…

Grok Culture

Mayim’s Vlog #25: Getting Naked about Women’s Empowerment

3 weeks ago

You’ve probably seen it everywhere – women taking off their clothes in the name of women’s empowerment. Mayim’s seen it everywhere, and she’s starting to get fed up. While sexuality is healthy, and while Mayim is all for opening up society’s concept…

Grok Hollywood

The Fierce Females of Film and TV

4 weeks ago

I just came back from a screening of “Wonder Woman,” which I loved. But what I loved the most was the beginning (this is not a spoiler!), as we explored this island of Amazons, strong, fierce females, training and strengthening each other,…