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Mayim Encourages a Young Writer – Her Son

2 weeks ago

Miles Bialik Stone took a long time to start speaking. He used sign language and his very own made-up vocabulary for almost 3 years before he joined the ranks of the English speakers who raised him. Once he started talking,…

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A Social-Justice Oriented Gap Year Program: Tzedek America

1 month ago

The tradition of the “gap year” program – an opportunity that graduated high school students may take advantage of before entering college to grow, expand their knowledge base or have new experiences in other countries – began in the UK…

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Music in Our Schools: Remembering the Impact

2 months ago

[Photo: Mayim at the piano as a young child] I have been a piano player since I was four years old.  I played trumpet from 10 years old through the beginning of high school, when I traded in my trumpet…