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New Year’s Eve 2016: How I’ll Celebrate

1 day ago

When I was a kid, my family celebrated New Year’s Eve on New York time. My parents moved from New York the month I was to be born, and they never fully integrated into California life. My father insisted that…

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My Mother’s Berkeley Feminism & Me

3 weeks ago

I was born in Berkeley, California in 1975. Berkeley’s most prominent feature is UC Berkeley, often considered the top public University in the United States. It is renowned for its brilliant students and professors, and its extreme liberalism. Berkeley in…

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Putting the “Fair” Back in Book Fair

4 weeks ago

[Photo: The author’s son reading a book] One day, my son came home from school and told me a child in his class hadn’t brought enough money to buy a book at his school’s book fair. He didn’t seem to know…

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Fearing College Application Rejection

4 weeks ago

“You are so smart. So creative. So talented. So wonderful…” And so we have told our 17-year-old daughter for the last 17 years of her life. But possibly, in just a few days’ time, she will be told she just…

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Donating Breastmilk is Totally a Thing

1 month ago

You’ve heard about people donating blood, sperm, bone marrow, or even an organ. But donating breastmilk?  It’s probably more common than you think. I should know; I have donated 160 liters of breastmilk to at least six babies. I have…