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A Social-Justice Oriented Gap Year Program: Tzedek America

2 weeks ago

The tradition of the “gap year” program – an opportunity that graduated high school students may take advantage of before entering college to grow, expand their knowledge base or have new experiences in other countries – began in the UK…

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Music in Our Schools: Remembering the Impact

4 weeks ago

[Photo: Mayim at the piano as a young child] I have been a piano player since I was four years old.  I played trumpet from 10 years old through the beginning of high school, when I traded in my trumpet…

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Vlog #18: Musical Moment

1 month ago

We all have our musical preferences – for some people, sharing musical taste is a must-have in friendships or romantic relationships, others can enjoy a wide range of styles, and take delight in creating the ultimate mixtape or playlist for…

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Save A Child’s Heart Improves Worldwide Pediatric Care

1 month ago

Save A Child’s Heart is Israel’s largest international humanitarian organization. SACH improves pediatric care in developing countries around the world by performing heart surgery on children in Israel and by doing medical missions to developing countries. SACH also trains medical…