Grok Faith

No Selfies at the Holocaust Memorial, Please

1 month ago

[Photo: A photo taken by the author of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin] “How much of the Holocaust do you want on this trip?” I asked my boyfriend while planning our trip to Berlin last November. This alarmingly point-blank question…

Grok Faith

Cutting the Cords of Toxic Relationships

2 months ago

[Photo: “Release” by Sophia] When Facebook gave me the opportunity to post my favorite reflections from 2016, I hit delete. 2016 is one year I would prefer not to revisit. Like many women, I found myself triggered by the avalanche of…

Grok Culture

Harry Potter & Trump’s America

2 months ago

[Image by Tom Francis] If you’ve woken up every day of 2017 wondering if a rogue Slytherin has cast a massive Confundus Charm (a magical confusion spell) over a large portion of the United States, you’re not alone. With Donald Trump…

Grok Hollywood

SAG Awards Rewind: Speaking Out on the Red Carpet

2 months ago

The red carpet is generally a place for “Who are you wearing??” and “What was the most challenging part of your acting role in this TV show or film?” Women’s Wear Daily noted,  “most attendees stuck to the script and dodged…