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Grok Faith

How to Do The Holidays Like a Man

2 weeks ago

Winter is coming, and with it, ominously, ‘The Holidays.’ Most women I know think of the looming obligations of the Thanksgiving-Hanukkah-Christmas seasonal-industrial complex with dread. And I get it: after all, this time of year overflows with celebrations and meals…

Grok Faith

How to Start Gratitude Journaling With Kids

4 weeks ago

In our home, we talk a lot about gratitude at night. We take a few seconds to notice moments for which we feel particularly grateful. We’re all winding down and usually getting cozy in our pajamas, maybe with a surprise cup…

Grok Faith

How TV Reactivates My Grief

1 month ago

Even if you have not lost someone close to you, you know what Grief is: you know Grief means you miss someone. You had memories with them, of them; those memories now cause pain and longing. You wish the person…