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Worried about Family Conflicts this Holiday Season?

1 week ago

During the holidays it is common to have many family get-togethers. However, some may experience parents and in-laws, siblings, cousins, and all other family extensions, as too much. For many people, sayings like:  “Family is everything,”  “Blood is thicker than…

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Vlog #13: Mayim’s Not-Fancy New York Trip

2 weeks ago

One of the things we always hear people say about Mayim is about how down-to-earth, relatable and “real” she is. And they’re right. Those of us who know her know that although she works in Hollywood, the “Hollywood lifestyle” you…

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Nobel Day: The Groundbreaking Bob Dylan

3 weeks ago

December 10th is the day that Nobel Prizes – one of the most distinguished and prestigious acknowledgments of artistic, academic, and social achievement in the world – are handed out in Sweden. Some of the most prominent scientists, artists, and…