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#ScienceMarch: Marching for Science in Silicon Valley

3 days ago

[Photo Credit:] I don’t typically do events on Shabbat and since I don’t post pictures or use social media on Shabbat, I didn’t post anything…so I’m happy to share with you some photo highlights of the day now! First…

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Feminism 101: The Battle over Body Image

5 days ago

The idea behind the body positivity movement — all bodies are good bodies — is a powerful one. But in a society that upholds a very narrow (and often unhealthy) image of what bodies should look like, it can be…

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Vlog #22: “Weed 101”, With Mayim and Bev

6 days ago

If there’s one person most people don’t want to talk to about marijuana, it’s their mom. But as with many things, Mayim is a little different. In celebration of 420 (known in many circles as Weed Day), Mayim sat down…

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Feminism 101: Using Feminism to Sell Products

2 weeks ago

Pepsi recently released (and then quickly pulled and apologized for) a new ad that capitalized on feminism and social justice, implying that all movements need to do is share a Pepsi with a police officer and all will be right…